Life Care for a Lifetime of Confidence

Longhorn Village is a Life Plan Community offering a Life Care agreement. Life Care provides living accomodations, services and amenities, plus unlimited long-term care with virtually no increase in your monthly service fee. It’s a smart way to age in place because should your health needs change, you don’t have to worry about making new plans or moving.

Benefits of Life Care
Lifelong Residence

You have a residence for life at Longhorn Village, or for as long as you choose to live at the community.
One-Time Entrance Fee

A one-time Entrance Fee is 90% refundable to either you or your estate, protecting your assets for future generations.
Monthly Fee Coverage

Your monthly service fee covers virtually all your needs, including a wide range of amenities and services, maintenance-free living, freedom from property taxes or homeowner’s insurance, university perks, and short or long-term nursing care.
Heath Care Center

Should your health concerns change and necessitate your moving into the Health Care Center at Longhorn Village, your monthly service fee will never increase based on any future need for higher levels of care.
Peace of Mind

It provides peace of mind. Family members can be assured that you’ll receive the care you need, right here at Longhorn Village. Married couples and good friends can remain close, because health care and assisted living residences are right here on campus.
Tax Reduction

It may reduce your tax bill. A portion of your entrance fee and monthly fee may qualify as a prepaid medical expense tax deduction.

If you have questions about Life Care and how it can benefit you, call or email us for more information.

Longhorn Village Life Care is the most extensive and comprehensive type of agreement provided by a Life Plan Community. 

We look at it as a gift to our children. They will never have to worry about ‘What to do with mom and dad.’ If and when the time comes, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, and Memory Care are available to us without ever leaving the building. This is so very important because we won’t have to leave the building to visit our loved one.

Joan E.