Texas Exes

The Ex-Student’s Association, or commonly known as Texas Exes, is an independent, nonprofit, membership-supported organization that connects members to each other and to the past, present, and future of The University of Texas at Austin. Chapters are local affiliates of the Texas Exes.

The purpose of Texas Exes Chapters is to extend UT beyond the boundaries of the Forty Acres, promote membership in the Texas Exes, and provide a network of fellow Texas Exes for graduates and members of your community.

Through its exclusive relationship with The University of Texas Ex-Students’ Association, members of Longhorn Village enjoy access to continuing and extended education programs, social activities and fine arts events, feature publications, library resources, campus facilities, and exclusive travel packages.

Program Perks

Since Longhorn Village is affiliated with UT, we have guest speakers here on a regular basis. Many of the speakers are widely known. Also, the Butler School of Music has programs here.”

Joan E.Resident
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