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Open Your Eyes

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The beautiful nature, and animals on the website are photos that were taken by John Ingram and shared by his wife Adrienne. John Ingram, a resident of Longhorn Village, loved nature. It was often said he could see things that others couldn’t, so he enjoyed capturing what he saw in a photograph and sharing it with others. He often told people to “open their eyes” so they could also see the beauty all around them. Here is a picture of John taking photos here at Longhorn Village.

Resident Spotlight: Broken Arrow

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When Lt. Ray Whitfield went out on a training mission in February of 1950, he had no idea he would become part of history. The 25-year-old West Point graduate was sent to Alaska to take part in a training mission as part of the Cold War. When the mission went wrong, Whitfield and the crew had to act fast to save lives.

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