Now is the Time

Moving to a senior living community can be a gift to your family.

Starting the conversation now, and putting a life plan in place before a health crisis makes it necessary, ensures that your wishes can be shared, heard, and discussed in a low-pressure environment.

Here are some talking points to help your family see the benefits to you – and them.

    • You want to stay in control and remain independent as long as possible. By making the decision now, you determine where you will go – and you will have more time to enjoy your independent lifestyle while you are still healthy and energetic enough to do so.
    • You want to relieve your family of the burden of making decisions, selling your home, dealing with your belongings, and caring for you on short notice.
    • A maintenance-free senior living community means you don’t have to worry about home repairs, or physical chores that are becoming too demanding.
    • With your future health care provided for, your family doesn’t have to worry about who will take care of you or where you will receive care.
  • You will have the time and opportunity to stay physically and socially active – perhaps even more so than you would in your current home.

Seeing is Believing

Invite your family to come with you on a visit to the community you are considering. Many offer guest suites so they can experience community life for themselves. Once they see it, meet staff and residents, and even sample the food, they’ll feel more confident about the path you’re choosing.
of people have not communicated their long-term care desires with a spouse or partner, children, or other family members.  – Genworth Let’s Talk Survey, March 2015
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