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Enriching lives is our mission.

With lifelong learning at the core of our culture — packed in there with our vision for Longhorn spirit, living well, dreaming big, laughing often and grabbing life by the moment — we now offer a higher-level educational program for our residents and the public. Inquiring Minds provides academic opportunities for more advanced learning on topics of special interest, making it the perfect addition to the learning activities already in place at Longhorn Village.

You’ll get smarter by the second.

Every Inquiring Minds course features a subject-matter expert with an interesting point of view and is delivered in a series of six weekly in-person sessions. Each six-week course is $30 for current Longhorn Village residents and $100 per person for the general public.

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Philosophical Aspects of Aging

Dr. Marshall Missner, graduated from University of Chicago in 1970 with his PhD in Philosophy.  He was employed at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, in the Department of Philosophy as a Professor, from 1969-2007.  He currently remains an Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. He has taught multiple classes and has had multiple publications on Philosophical and Ethical issues throughout his career.  He currently is an OLLI speaker at the University of Texas and will be speaking at Longhorn Village on the Philosophical Aspect of Aging.

  • Week One, March 27, 2023-The Biology of Aging
  • Week Two, April 3, 2023-Comedy and Tragedy
  • Week Three, April 10, 2023-Are Things Getting Better or Worse
  • Week Four, April 17, 2023-Emotions That Look to the Past
  • Week 5, April 24, 2023-The Pleasure of Learning

The classes will be on Mondays, at 3:30-4:30 in the FAR.

The cost for the series for non-residents is $100 for the full series.  Please call for details.

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