Resident Spotlight: Carnivals & Cola

John Culver has an adventurous spirit that’s taken him around the world for work and pleasure – and he’s still exploring.

John’s family owned a business that contracted carnival rides out to small-town fairs, which meant a lot of carousel and Ferris wheel rides for a kid. “It was a lot of fun,” he said. “You had a lot of things going on around you, and since your parents owned the rides, you could always ride them for free.”

After a short Army stint in Korea and college in Mexico, John decided he wanted to see more of the world. He took a marketing job with Pepsi Cola International, where he worked in the Far East, South America, and the Caribbean. But after years of living abroad, he and his wife Perla decided to move back to the States so their children could put down some roots.

He joined the family carnival business and settled in Austin in 1965. He and Perla continued to travel, even living in Spain for a few months each year. Perla passed away in 1985, but in 1992 John met Mary Jo, who also loved to travel. They married a year later and have been together 23 years. They travel whenever they can.

What’s the best part of traveling the world? For John, it’s having someone to share it with.