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Is this a good time to talk about life-long plans?

elderly citizen walking their dog in Austin, Texas

You know by now that the classic retirement community is, today, a rich set of opportunities for senior living, offering an engaging, liberating way to live. Add the extraordinary benefits of Life Care for a secure life-long plan, and it makes sense so many older adults consider a community such as Longhorn Village for their next chapter. No doubt you’ve thought about it too, but with this being the time for New Year planning, why not make it your resolution to explore the senior living lifestyle?

Surely, you’ve thought about how to keep moving ahead.

Growing older often comes gracefully, with barely noticeable changes. Today you may feel fit and able to keep up with everything you want to do. And tomorrow – who can say? – everything could change unexpectedly. So, you’re wise to wonder what the best way forward will be – whether it’s better to wait and see, or to make yourself a plan now.

Now, it’s a fact not much planning’s needed when you and your world remain the same. But that won’t happen. (Sorry.)

Humans had dreamed up a thing called ‘permanence,’ a word with no actual referent, and then gnashed their teeth and wept and accused the universe of being ‘senseless’ because it didn’t abide by this wishful conceit.

— Jacob Rubin

The question isn’t Will aging require me to change my lifestyle? It’s When? and How much?

You’ve got options for this.

One option is to cross that bridge when you get to it.

On the upside, this means staying focused on your golf, Longhorn team spirit and grandchildren for the foreseeable future – until you get to a bridge where something happens to your health or your partner’s health and a change of plans is required.

On the downside, giant decisions will be needed at the foot of that bridge – decisions that’ll be up to you or your loved ones. Possibly with urgency. As senior living options go, this one can get costly. And messy.

The other option is the long-term care insurance which you wisely bought 20 years ago. No?

Or – and listen to the promise in this one – you can choose the option that sees you relocating in a timely fashion to a retirement community where you can continue to live robustly and also have long-term care on standby, just in case.

The downside here is downsizing, plus moving. And the part where you face the reality that Yes, aging requires me to adjust – so I’d best get ready.

On the upside, though, this place you relocate to is likely to keep you less burdened, more connected and as engaged as you want to be – that is, it can offer the life-simplifying benefits of provided home maintenance, an anti-isolation social lifestyle and a wealth of services and amenities.

It certainly could be a place you’ll eventually wish you’d moved to sooner.

Take Longhorn Village, for example.

We’ve been part of the Austin landscape since 2009. Our adaptability to the ever-changing needs and tastes of area seniors has helped us survive and thrive. Today, for example, we’re in the throes of our Hooked-on-You Expansion – owing to how well Austin has responded to the senior living community we’ve become over this last decade-plus.

With our expansion, we’re preparing to accommodate even more Longhorn-loving, freedom-savoring, fascinating Austinites and would-be Austinites – extending our reach to more of the life-enthralled older adults who crave what we offer: the social life, recreation, learning, planning, fabulous dining, comforts and liberated pursuit of joy.

Currently, 50 new independent living residences are in development, while we’re also updating many parts of our community, indoors and out.

Right for you?

What makes Longhorn Village a good option for your plan is our Life Care, an arrangement that assures you of priority access to long-term care (assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing or rehabilitation care). You’ll get that service here on campus (with your friends and neighbors nearby) and avoid the much-higher market rates for it.

In other words, if or when you reach the previously referenced bridge, you hardly need to give it a thought. Just, Oh, I’ve got Life Care! Onward!

(Even better? If you did buy that long-term care insurance 20 years ago, you’ll be delighted with how it makes the benefits of Life Care sparkle even brighter.

With expansion comes great opportunity.

We’re building for you, and we’d like to think we’ve got the blueprint for happiness – as far as your future is concerned.

Our Priority Program is a risk-free, benefit-rich opportunity to find your way into a Longhorn Village residence – with savings and advantages galore. You can get the details and learn how to become a Priority Program member at www.longhornvillageexpansion.com.

Of course, we’re assuming that this is your plan: opportunity. Instead of fretting over lifestyle changes wrought by aging, you take the smooth operator approach with a plan for beaucoup simplicity, enrichment and opportunity – like the benefits of Life Care in our expanding senior living community. Reserve your floor plan now, and you’ll demonstrate your superior competence in New Year’s planning.