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Lifelong Learning is in Your Future

Our senior living community places unparalleled emphasis on education because we firmly believe collecting knowledge and sharing life experiences enables older adults to continue living with a strong sense of purpose.

And that’s precisely what occurs each day with our intellectually curious and lively cohort of residents. They actively pursue continuing education, personal growth opportunities and a diverse range of classes – from Exploring the Wonders of the World to Introduction to Improv.

Longhorn Village’s unwavering focus on lifelong learning sets us apart from others. Having engaged residents attracts other like-minded active learners and helps everyone around them achieve their highest functional intelligence.


Unique Courses Created Just for Residents

With lifelong learning at the core of our culture — packed in with our vision for Longhorn spirit, living well, dreaming big, laughing often and grabbing life by the moment — we now offer a higher-level educational program for our residents and the public.

Our Inquiring Minds program provides academic opportunities for more advanced learning on topics of special interest, making it the perfect addition to the learning activities already in place at Longhorn Village.

You’ll get smarter by the second.

Every Inquiring Minds course features a subject-matter expert with an interesting point of view and is delivered in a series of four to six weekly in-person sessions. Each four- to six-week course is $30 for current Longhorn Village residents and $100 per person for the general public.

Currently Running

New Learning Opportunities Updated Quarterly.
To register, email us at (Please include the subject line: “Inquiring Minds-Active Brain, Healthy Brain”), or call us at 512.382.4680.
The classes will be on Mondays, January 8 to 29 at 3:30 p.m. in the Forty Acres Room.
Start the New Year off right by registering for the first 2024 Lifelong Learning Course: Active Brain, Healthy Brain

Course instructor: Kevin Leahy


Lecturer Kevin Leahy will lead this course during four one-hour classes. In them, we will investigate, and where appropriate, improve your approach to your own brain health. Born a Yankee, Kevin followed his wife to Texas and got here as fast as he could. He has called Westlake Hills home for more than 20 years. There, he tends a hillside forest garden and provides company for wife Cory and rescue wonder dog, Willa. He has taught brain-related courses for UT’s adult extension programs, lectured on the brain to the public and as an educator for continuing legal education credits, and maintains an active appointment as an adjunct professor with UT Austin’s School of Law. In his spare time, he litigates brain injury lawsuits. Kevin is deeply committed to learning and applying what we know about the brain to advance each of our health and well-being.

Course Schedule

Course description: Active Brain, Healthy Brain


This course will cover three essential must haves for your future healthy brain. Exercise, proper food and rest, and human connection will go a long way at ensuring you remain mentally vibrant and healthy for the long haul. The course is broken into three segments for each of the main ingredients for great brain health, followed by a four session that reviews lessons learned during the course and welcomes you to build out a continued plan for brain health and happiness.


Mondays at 3:30 in the Forty Acres Room @ Longhorn Village

January 8, 2024

January 15, 2024

January 22, 2024

January 29, 2024

Enhancing Lifelong Learning and Brain Health

We embrace an aging philosophy centered on helping you enjoy a vibrant and independent lifestyle on your terms. Sure, as you age, you may start forgetting things occasionally, but it’s never too late to start engaging in activities and hobbies to keep your brain sharp.

Learning new things, like taking a college class or joining a discussion group, can help delay the effects of aging on our brains. Brain exercises, such as playing games, solving puzzles, reading and traveling, can also be beneficial. It’s not just about what you do, though — staying involved in the community, being curious and following your interests can all contribute to lifelong learning and brain health.

From professors and engineers to attorneys and lifelong learners, our community is full of fascinating individuals with a wide variety of interests. Here, you can find everything you need to continue exploring and experiencing new things.

We also have a lot of University of Texas Exes® in our community — including former students and faculty. And thanks to Longhorn Village’s exclusive relationship with the Ex-Students Association of The University of Texas, residents also have access to continuing and extended education programs, social activities, fine arts events, library resources, campus facilities and exclusive travel packages.