Wellness Programs & Activities

Your Body, Your Mind, Your Spirit

To empower you to stay healthy, happy, and as independent as possible, we make it easy to incorporate wellness into each day. With a holistic approach, and abundant choices, you can nurture your body, mind and spirit exactly how you want to.

Learn how you can live well as a resident of Longhorn Village. Download a sample program calendar.


Build relationships through fun social events, outings, classes, activities and committees that impact our community.


Strengthen muscles, improve flexibility and balance, and increase endurance on your own, in a class, or with the help of a personal trainer.


Feed your curiosity, take a class, attend a lecture or take up a new hobby.


Find purpose and peace through your choice of traditional religious services, yoga, meditation, tai chi, and plenty of green space to connect you with nature.


Explore your creativity, express yourself, and develop resilience through classes, support groups, pastoral care and more.


Make your world a better place by sharing your gifts and experience through volunteering both on and off campus.

You’re in Control

“Wellness is an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence.”

(National Wellness Institute)