Jingle All the Way to 12 Days of Musical Magic at Longhorn

Jingle All the Way to 12 Days of Musical Magic at Longhorn

On the first day of Christmas, Longhorn Village sent to thee a dozen musical performances to boost holiday season glee. This month we’re celebrating the benefits of music therapy by hosting a series of spirited and joy-filled performances and music activities for seniors — from a cappella and classical guitar to Christian rock and honky-tonk. We’ll also welcome back to our community a resident favorite, beloved Austinite Anton Nel, and a surprise visitor. (Hint: He’s jolly and sports a fluffy white beard.)

Music for seniors goes beyond entertainment; it serves as a wellspring of inspiration, boosts moods and helps create lasting memories. Longhorn Village’s December musical extravaganza underscores our commitment to providing a unique brand of retirement living for golden groovers, harmony hunters and melody maestros.

Tune into our performance lineup:

  • Kicking off our musical celebration on 1 is classical guitarist Lucas Carballeira, whose holiday performance will set the perfect festive tone for the month. As our residents gather to enjoy the performance, they’ll experience the fun and camaraderie that music can bring, fostering a sense of unity and happiness.
  • Timeless classics from Ol’ Blue Eyes are always a favorite, and our Simply Frank Sinatra with Ken Kruse on 4 will transport you to a bygone era of elegance and charm. It’s a testament to the enduring appeal of music for the elderly, as they relish in the memories and emotions his songs evoke.

  • Anton Nel, acclaimed Beethoven interpreter and globe-trotting Austinite, returns 6 to Longhorn Village with his masterful piano skills. His performances consistently win the hearts of our residents, showcasing how music for senior citizens can elevate the spirit and create moments of pure delight.
  • Music for seniors is an avenue for self-expression and enjoyment. On 9, Christian rock singer and songwriter Lloyd Miller will share his musical talents in a captivating and uplifting performance.
  • The Wildflowers Chorus will grace our stage on 13 with their melodious tunes, proving that music activities for seniors can foster a sense of community and shared appreciation for the arts. This talented group of women specializes in harmonious four-part a cappella barbershop-style music.
  • Music isn’t just about entertainment; it can also promote physical activity and a sense of vitality. New Horizons Band, a community wind ensemble of Austin musicians over 50, will have you tapping your feet and swaying to the beat on 16 with a tribute to Glenn Miller.
  • Also on Dec. 16, pianist and three-time Carnegie Hall performer Isabelle Hsiao will demonstrate how music for senior citizens can ignite creativity and inspire artistic expression. Fun fact: Hsiao studied with Anton Nel when she was a teen.
  • The Young Men’s Service League creates opportunities for moms and their high school sons to volunteer at philanthropic organizations in their communities. Their 17 performance will showcase the intergenerational power of music, creating meaningful connections and strengthening community bonds.
  • The choir at Lamar Middle School promises to bring plenty of warmth and cheer for their holiday performance on 20. Plus, we’ll have a special guest coming down from The North Pole for the occasion.
  • Longhorn Village residents will take center stage on 21 during our Holiday Sip & Sing. They’ll have the opportunity to share their musical talents and express themselves freely — a testament to the empowering effects of music for seniors.
  • Music can evoke a sense of nostalgia and connection to one’s roots. Honky-tonk musician Casey Anderson performs music from days past, and he will bring a taste of country and folk to Longhorn Village on 22.
  • We’ll wrap up our month of musical merriment on 30 with a New Year’s Eve-Eve party with tunes by MC Express. As we bid farewell to 2023 and welcome the new year, you’ll revel in the jolly atmosphere created by the power of music.

Join Longhorn Village this month to celebrate the joy of music, and experience firsthand how it enhances residents’ lives and sparks happiness. Visit our Events page to learn more and RSVP for upcoming events.