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The School Year has Started with Lifelong Learning

Seniors working on Computers

You are enrolled in the School of Lifelong Learning. You’ve done well in it, making your way through pre-school, grade school, middle school, high school, trade school or university ─ and undoubtedly the school of hard knocks, too.
Learning never grows old. Today you’re a successful, savvy older adult who shines with know-how, experience and insight — who’s still eager to engage with and conquer the unknown. You know, better than anyone, the personal growth that comes with learning.

The connection between wellness and learning.

Learning is a key wellness practice. So, it’s no surprise that most senior living communities encourage residents to connect with lifelong learning programs and offer on-campus educational opportunities.
At Longhorn Village it’s especially true: Of all the places where you’ll find retirement communities, Austin stands out for its highly educated populace and the active presence of a major university. That makes Longhorn Village a great spot to keep learning and living well.

You’re already registered for your own lifelong curriculum.

“Keep learning” is right up there with “keep breathing.” The following strategies can help stimulate your brain and create an enjoyable and enriched lifestyle.

Puzzles. “Wordle fans aren’t making this up: Research has shown that word puzzles are good for your brain.” Word games of all kinds — from Scrabble to crosswords — are beneficial to brain health. The key is playing regularly and increasing the level of challenge gradually. If you’re not keen on Wordle or word puzzles, however, you can get similar benefits from reading, working number puzzles, playing computer games — and even regularly tackling Trivial Pursuits.
Music. Play, sing, drum. “Neurologists tell us that following and interpreting the melody, anticipating patterns and making sense of a piece of music gives the brain a good workout.” You can create music for your own pleasure — or turn it into a sharing opportunity for friends to enjoy, as well.

Increasingly, adults are embracing musicianship late in life. Some finally have time after their wage-earning and child-raising years have ended. Some are spurred on by studies showing the health benefits of playing music. Many describe it as scratching an itch they’ve had all their lives. And while some are happy to get to the point of playing “Happy Birthday” for their grandchildren, others achieve a level of competence that allows them to join ensembles and even earn money playing.
— Washington Post.com

Participate in the Texas Exes. Through an exclusive relationship with The University of Texas Ex-Students Association, Longhorn Village residents can take advantage of continuing and extended education programs, social activities and fine arts events, feature publications, library resources, campus facilities and exclusive travel packages. Spending time with the Texas Exes can enhance your life by providing new opportunities that entertain, inspire creativity, expand knowledge and broaden perspectives. Which is exactly what lifelong learning is meant to do.

You’re worth it.

Continue to pursue the unknown and deepen your life experiences. There’s simply no better way to live in one of our Austin retirement communities!
Would you like to know more about Longhorn Village — and especially about our Texas Exes partnership? Why not come visit? To schedule, call 512.382.4680 or email marketing@LonghornVillage.com.