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Your Home has Been Good to You

Your Home Has Been Good To You

For all those times your home asked you to call a plumber, a roofer or someone to repair an appliance, it also gave you family dinners, holiday parties and quiet evenings with popcorn and movies.

Maybe you added on or remodeled. And in turn, your home gave you security, safety and a sense of belonging.

You painted. Your home gave you memories. You mowed. Your home gave you space to stow boxes of treasures. You fixed the leaks, cleared the gutters and trimmed away the risky limbs. Your home gave you a familiar, beloved setting for your ordinary and extraordinary daily life.

For all your home has asked of you, it’s given back more. And now, apparently, it still has more to give. Because while home values remain high – with houses selling quickly – your home can reward you for moving to a senior living community.

It’s an unusually good time to sell a house.

Sell your house soon at peak price, and you can make your move to a maintenance-provided community like Longhorn Village – where a life awaits that’s full of adventure, fulfillment, security and growth.

And because it’s summer, chances are good that families are actively seeking to relocate before the school year begins. Which means your home can bid you adieu sooner – and then begin again as “home” to a new family.

Is it really that simple?

You might say you’re not ready to leave your home behind because it means too much and you just can’t part from it. But when you consider how your home has supported you – giving you a place to celebrate the good and take comfort when you needed it – it could begin to seem that this is your home’s last gift to you: to be able to sell high in a sellers’ market and move to an exciting next chapter.

There’s work to be done. Downsizing, sorting, packing – these precede a move, and they’ll require your dedication and the assistance of our Transition Manager. But while you prepare, you’ll have ample opportunity to remember and be grateful for how your home has served you – while you anticipate with growing excitement what your next home will bring.

Start the conversation. Visit a community like Longhorn Village to see what life can be like there – and find out what kinds of resources they can offer that make moving easier. And from your realtor, get the information about what your home is worth. While the housing market remains strong, your home may delight you yet again.

To visit Longhorn Village, call 512.266.5600 or email marketing@LonghornVillage.com.